NET2GRID acquires license to WATTY technology

Stockholm, Sweden - Zeist, the Netherlands - Dutch energy data analysis specialist NET2GRID has acquired a license to WATTY’s real time appliance recognition technology. It thereby extends its successful data disaggregation service with more real time analysis capabilities.

NET2GRID’s current energy data disaggregation service is sought after by residential energy suppliers across the world, because of its high accuracy and cost effectiveness. It provides them an effective tool in engaging with their customers providing them meaningful information about their energy consumption. NET2GRID is growing rapidly with this technology and beliefs it will remain dominant in the coming years.

NET2GRID believes that in two years time, in addition to its current market, a new market will evolve towards appliance detection in real time. This will fuel applications for consumers to make their homes more convenient and less energy consuming

NET2GRID is already active in this market. For regions without access to smart meter data, an easy to install, DIN form-factor, current clamp was developed. Through this product, sub-second data is available allowing real-time appliance activity recognition. NET2GRID is committed to further enhance this technology. The acquisition of WATTY’s real time technology will accelerate this.