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Essent and NET2GRID jointly deliver a monitoring pilot to housing associations in The Netherlands

Zeist, 15th of September. The new Essent “Wooneffect" service helps housing associations to prepare their housing stock for a sustainable future.

Dutch Housing Associations are obliged to have 2 million homes CO2 neutral by 2050. In the short term, the sector wants to attain an average energy label B for the total stock of social dwellings by 2021. This calls for an acceleration of investment in solar panels, insulation and heating network connections.

In response to this challenge, Essent in collaboration with NET2GRID, has developed a complete energy monitoring service “Wooneffect” designed for housing associations who look to upgrade the energy efficiency of their housing stock. Through this solution Essent looks to maximise benefits across the value chain for tenants and housing associations.

With “Wooneffect”, Essent offers an integrated package of services (including home insulation, mechanical ventilation, heating upgrades, repair & maintenance of appliances, solar PV applications) combined with NET2GRID’s energy monitoring capabilities and appliance level efficiency check based on smart meter disaggregation data. The pilot with a selected group of housing associations will run for 5 months until January 2021.

“We believe that energy insights and smart meter data have a key role to play in decarbonisation and the energy transition by making sure that energy affordability is a key component for tenants being empowered to directly make cost reductions because of the new personal energy insights. We are glad to partner with Essent to secure a more sustainable future and make an impact in the housing association community with our solutions.”, says Bert Lutje Berenbroek, CEO of NET2GRID.

Based on the energy insights provided by the NET2GRID platform, Essent service partners could advise on housing renovations while making investment decisions about new housing developments. Rich information from smart meter data and appliances disaggregation is anticipated to further reduce the cost to serve and maximise tenants comfort, as it’s an energy waste checker and an enabler for predictive maintenance and remote monitoring services.


NET2GRID is a leading company in real time NILM (non-intrusive load monitoring) services. NET2GRID’s energy insights platform is reducing cost to serve for utilities while increasing customer engagement. Actionable energy consumption insights and deeper, more trusting customer relationships convert into up-sell opportunities and reduced churn. We believe that Informed energy customers are happy energy customers, therefore our solution is designed to boost your digital customer engagement. NET2GRID was founded in 2011, holds offices in The Netherlands and Greece and is active worldwide.

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