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Energy Happy Hour: A loyalty booster for enviaM's customers

Behavioral Demand Response in practice


enviaM is a German energy supplier and part of the E.ON group. In August 2019 enviaM was investigating solutions to increase its customers’ digital experience and motivate them to use their mobile app, called iONA, more. After exploring various options, they decided to put in place a 'Happy hour' service (...)


After extensive research, enviaM chose NET2GRID to implement the 'Happy Hour' service as part of their 'My electricity digital campaign'. The 'Happy Hour' service is an off-peak lower tariff (...)


Early positive results were significant; more than 1000 pre-orders were registered before the very first launch of the 'Happy Hour' service. After the first implementation, enviaM received (...)

Quote from client

‘’Happy hour is a powerful tool in the age of digitization. Especially at the start of the pandemic, when we gave our customers a month of 100 percent happy hour, we noticed that electricity consumption rose sharply during this hour. There was great gratitude from the customers, which strengthens customer satisfaction and the associated customer loyalty. Furthermore, we were able to encourage people to use their app more often.’’

Quote from Christoph Herrmann, Product Development

Download the full case study to read about:

  • How the 'Happy Hour' service works

  • How enviaM leveraged it during the COVID-19 lockdown

  • The technology behind the service

  • Achieved business results

  • Real customer testimonials

(From enviaM’s website translated from German to English: ''Since we have the Happy Hour for our electricity even my husband is interested in the washing machine and the dryer. From 7 o'clock onwards our appliances are on fire!'')


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