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NILM & Appliance Efficiency

Are my appliances energy efficient? Am I using them in the right way? Should I change my habits or maybe replace them with new ones? These are some of the questions that concern consumers and usually come as a follow-up to a reliable energy disaggregation report they receive on a regular (daily or monthly) basis.

As an energy insight service provider, we usually gain our end users’ trust by accurately detecting their appliances’ laundry consumption and, of course, by reporting laundry events that actually happened. Energy consumption per appliance or activity is a term which most end-users are not familiar with. As a result, they are coming back to their energy retailers or electronics shop with questions; “my washing machine consumes 1,5 kWh per end-use, is that good?”, “Can I do something to reduce my dishwasher’s consumption by 30%? I see from your app that it now consumes 2,0 kWh per event!

These are questions that matter. At NET2GRID, we have invested significant R&D resources to build our so-called “Appliance Efficiency Service” to inform and guide end-users. The core of our service is a benchmarking mechanism that takes into account multiple inputs.

The content of the white paper consists of:

  • An overview of the Appliance Efficiency Service

  • App and Service screenshots

  • Service Timeline and Functionality

  • Service Outputs

  • Business Logic & Use Cases

  • A Proof Of Content Example

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