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N2G’s technology enables the Service Delivery Strategy of multi service organisations (MSO) through a Strategic Control Point and Connected Home Service Delivery Platform (SDP).

The SDP offers an online virtualisation of the physical world of devices in the internet of things. Interactions in the physical world are turned into online events, that can be logged, monitored and acted upon via the online SDP. Alternatively, by sending commands via the SDP, users can control their physical devices.

The Strategic Control Point is an IOT Gateway available in different flavours. N2G has reference hardware available as well as hardware through strategic partners such as D-Link. Hardware is available as a turn-key design as well as full custom designs.


Smart Home

Most devices have a limited set of programmable attributes, such as on/off, open/close, start/stop, volume, temperature, etc. Rather than making these devices smarter, the future of the industry is in connecting these devices to a local hub, that is making the device controlling functions accessible via apps.

Smart Hub

The N2G architecture is based on the concept that the hub, the SmartBridge, is providing the physical service and is kept lean and secure with minimal business logic. In Zigbee terminology, a device like the SmartBridge is called a Zigbee Gateway Device (ZGD).

Smart Cloud

The business logic is in the virtualisation layer in the Cloud, allowing manageability, scalability and flexibility of services. N2G is combining these functions in the Service Delivery Platform (SDP).



This API allows for monitoring and local access, even when there is no connection to the Internet. The SmartBridge has a local storage facility to accommodate this. However, normal operation is that the SmartBridge is connected through the Internet to the SDP cloud, to allow e.g. remote management outside the home environment, statistics and firmware upgrades.


All functions that are directly related to ZGD and devices that can be performed without virtualization are in the Access API. This API stays close to particular IoT standards, such as Zigbee and Z-Wave.


Functions that need virtualization concepts to abstract from the IoT standard and concepts to make tasks and devices easier to understand and visualize, are in the SDP API. The SDP API can have add-ons and/or SDKs for even more ease of use for App development.



provides turn-key designs for IoT gateways as well as custom hardware build on OEM specification. Reference hardware is available for evaluation and is pre-certified for Thread, ZigBee HA, SEP and ZLL.

Through our turn-key designs, we help our OEM partners to launch new products with a short time-to-market. NET2GRID is licensing both the hardware production files, costed BOM as well as production binaries and production line programming and test tools.

Our engineers assist in modifying the design to meet the OEM casing requirements and assist during the certification process.


Acting as a central hub for all your ZigBee devices, the D-Link DCH-G110 allows you to deploy multiple devices to automate your home.

Aside from providing basic smart home functions, the ZigBee Home Gateway includes: full Intruder Alarm System (IAS) capability; Home Energy Management System (HEMS) features compatible with D-Link smart plugs; and support for multiple hardware vendors without reliance on their backend services.

Secure your home with motion sensors, save power by having the lights switch off automatically when you go out, or sound an alarm when an intruder forcibly triggers a door sensor. Whatever your home needs, the DCH-G110 has you covered.


NET2GRID is engaged in standardization and designs the IoT Gateway and SDP to be compliant with international industry standards. Interoperability with leading IoT standards allows our OEM customers to benefit from a large ecosystem of hardware partners.

Dual Stack Technology enables support of multiple communications standards through one single radio. Close partnerships with strategic semiconductor manufacturers ensures leading edge technology. Plug & Play installation and security are critical success factors for our OEM customers. Therefore a rich set of installation strategies are supported by the hardware and SDP.

Through a certificate based key exchange mechanism, we combine ease of installation with end-to-end encryption of services enabling billing-level-data communication.


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