Our technology

Reduce your risk and minimise your resource spent by relying on a global, reliable, secure and scalable platform.
Everything your energy business needs to provide personal experiences to every customer—consistently and at scale.

AMR Data


Use our algorithms to extract the most value from only 15-30 minute meter reading data.


You can start a digital relationship with your customer based on merely 15-30 minute data samples without requiring extra hardware. We’ll extract the maximum value out of this data and enrich it with personal profile information.



Easy, low-cost IoT hardware to unlock your smart meter


Every country is different and capturing real-time meter data comes with hurdles.  We have a SmartBridge for practically every country that solves challenges on range or availability of power.
Our SmartBridge can connect to a wide range of different meters and can read numerous meter protocols, wireless or wired. On top our hardware is compatible with several smart home protocols like Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee and LoRa (point-to-point). 



Our open cloud infrastructure gives you flexibility and access to your customers’ data


Remain in control of the data of your customers. We install a dedicated instance of our platform including your customers’ data on your AWS servers. All instances are maintained from a single codebase. You can either use our white label mobile app or connect to our OAuth 2.0 API with your own app or website. Scalability and security are TÜV certified. We offer customer support and business intelligence tooling to monitor the service availability, extract customer insights and enable targeted customer marketing campaigns.

Data analytics


Smart AI algorithms deliver accurate insights


Detect individual appliances, see exactly what power they use and analyse their efficiency. Disaggregate >80% of the energy bill with >90% accuracy. How we do that? Our algorithms are continuously benchmarked against a ground truth testset of >500 homes with thousands of appliances that are individually measured. Our Real Time 1-10 second data disaggregation in turn is the benchmark for our 15-30 min AMR data algorithms. 

Our SaaS platform

A fully managed service on your own IT infrastructure


We have all the safeguards in place to ensure security and privacy for you and your customers

GDPR compliant

You own your customer data

TÜV certified

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