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Real-time Monitoring of Electric Vehicles on the Edge

Despite the numerous benefits of EVs, their high-rated power dictates the need for real-time monitoring. The benefits for energy retailers are manifold. Firstly, real-time monitoring can help to balance the load demand in the house and optimize the energy portfolio for the intraday energy market trade. Secondly, it allows the employment of demand response strategies to mitigate potential voltage violations. Finally, it offers direct financial benefits to consumers who charge at peak times or consume their home solar-generated energy as much as possible.

With the prevalence of in-home chargers increasing, real-time EV monitoring for residential customers has become a huge benefit. For this reason, at NET2GRID, we have developed a cost-effective real-time EV monitoring system running on the edge.

The content of this white paper consists of:

  • Real-Time EV monitoring approaches: pros & cons

  • NET2GRID's approach to Real-Time EV Monitoring

  • The Business Benefits

  • Features and functionalities of NET2GRID's EV Monitoring service

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