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powercloud and NET2GRID Announce Partnership

Integrated CIS Billing System with Meter Data Analytics Improves Customer Engagement for Utilities

ALPHARETTA, Ga., April 12, 2022 – powercloud, the cloud CIS billing software for the energy and utilities industry, today announced a partnership agreement with NET2GRID, the leading AI provider of energy insight and predictions based on smart meter data of all granularities. The integrated solution will enable utility companies to increase customer satisfaction, lower cost-to-serve and open up new revenue stream opportunities.

The powercloud platform combined with NET2GRID’s capabilities empowers utilities to turn meter data into value, for customer engagement as well as customer intelligence and demand forecasting. NET2GRID’s services powered by unique AI models have proven to drastically reduce the cost to serve. At the same time, customer intelligence is increasing the conversion rate on marketing campaigns and giving support agents a 360 view of their customer. Finally, NET2GRID’s forecasting services can support advanced grid planning and forecasting due to the growing penetration of residential solar and electric vehicles.

By providing next best actions to the customer and the call center agents, new personalized services and non-commodity products that add real value can be offered to customers. All this can be invoiced within the same billing platform – by using powercloud,” In addition, NET2GRID will be offered as part of powercloud's Appstore, and offers another example of how powercloud is transforming the Energy Ecosystem into our core CIS/Billing platform. stated Steven Dawson, VP & Country Manager, powercloud.

The powercloud/NET2GRID solution will also make it easier for customers to foresee upcoming challenges and solve those themselves instead of calling service agents. This is not only easier and typically faster for the customer, but it can also mean a reduction of service calls by up to 60% for the utility company.

“Integration with the powercloud CIS system enables each utility company to avoid huge integration costs which improve time to market and reduce the need for IT resources. Our pre-integrated solution in the cloud provides greater IT security and delivers an out-of-the-box experience to energy players in the US and Europe,” said Bert Lutje Berenbroek, CEO, NET2GRID.

This is all supported by the next generation billing platform of powercloud through open architecture and API-driven processes, allowing utilities to easily connect to additional services & functionalities by 3rd parties. Both the powercloud and NET2GRID solutions run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) globally.

powercloud and NET2GRID will showcase the integrated solution at CS Week beginning May 3 this year in Phoenix, AZ. The two companies will also exhibit at other major Energy conferences including DISTRIBUTECH 2022, Dallas, TX in May; and E-world 2022, Essen, Germany in June.

About powercloud

powercloud, the fastest growing billing system in the industry, promotes the development of innovative energy brands and green offers making existing suppliers, network & metering point operators, and municipal utilities ready, relevant and agile for customers and markets alike. powercloud has been offering an open SaaS solution for the energy industry since 2012 and is currently the market leader with more than 200 customers. powercloud already manages around 10 million contractual relationships with an associated turnover of around €11 billion – with another 20 million contracts in the process of being migrated today.


NET2GRID is an AI company which empowers energy retailers to become energy transition leaders by unlocking value from smart meter data. Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition. We provide the most accurate residential energy insights and predictions thanks to our unique know-how in collecting and analyzing smart meter data of all granularities. Our services are used by energy suppliers worldwide. Our clients include E.ON, EDP, EDF, and ENI. We have offices in the Netherlands, Greece, USA and Germany.

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