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NET2GRID joins Achilles Network

Are you based in the Nordics region, and involved in procurement in the energy industry?

We are excited to announce that NET2GRID is now part of the Achilles Network, a sourcing platform that allows companies across all major industries including energy to procure with more peace of mind.

Achilles Network provides straightforward supply chain pre-qualification across all industries like utilities, consumer goods, oil & gas, retail, telecommunications, and more. The platform screens and audits vendors who are listed in the network so as to provide assurance to buyers in key risk areas as well as in financial and safety concerns and sustainability goal compatibility.

NET2GRID proved its capabilities and met the requirements to be part of the highly-esteemed network, where more than 150 major energy companies Europe-wide already belong.

Already a buyer at the Achilles Network? Find out how NET2GRID meets your essential requirements here.


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