• Bram van der Wal

How AI creates high value EV services on top of Smart Meter Data

Nowadays with the use of advanced AI algorithms, utilities are able to integrate the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging consumption component as part of their energy insight services and adding this on to the integral home energy bill as a separate item. Using these EV charging load curves, on top of smart meter data analytics, utilities are able to detect when the EV charging started, stopped, for how long it ran and how much energy was consumed charging an EV. This data disaggregation works without a direct interface connection to the charger or any user input making this a universal EV charging insights service. Just smart meter data alone will do it.

A truly enjoyable experience for your customers using just smart meter data

Processing 15 minute AMI meter reads already gives a good idea of the energy used for car charges. However the use of real time smart meter data offers extra features and benefits to the customer. These benefits include not having to worry about overloading your residential electrical system when charging, using solar energy for car charging as much as possible, enjoy special EV electricity tariffs (when charging at specific times or with an EV tariff bundle) and expensing the electricity cost for car charges, because it is separated on the bill. Next to these benefits a user can be notified by their utility app once the charging has finished without the need for an EV charging specific app.