• Dimitrios Doukas

NET2GRID introduces Hybrid-AI NILM models at Free Electrons 2020

Zeist - The Netherlands, October 16, 2020. During the Free Electrons 2020 innovation program NET2GRID introduced Hybrid Artificial Intelligence for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring to 10 global utilities. As a first result from the Free Electrons program utility EDP chose NET2GRID recently for this unique solution as their new supplier of Hybrid-AI NILM in the near future.

What are Hybrid-AI models?

These hybrid-AI models combine real-time data with smart-meter data resulting in an AI engine that delivers accurate and comprehensive disaggregation results of energy consumption on household activity level. Enriching standard smart meter data requires only a modest investment to the existing smart-meter infrastructure to manage the operational challenges introduced by a fast uptake of renewables in the energy mix.