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NET2GRID introduces Hybrid-AI NILM models at Free Electrons 2020

Zeist - The Netherlands, October 16, 2020. During the Free Electrons 2020 innovation program NET2GRID introduced Hybrid Artificial Intelligence for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring to 10 global utilities. As a first result from the Free Electrons program utility EDP chose NET2GRID recently for this unique solution as their new supplier of Hybrid-AI NILM in the near future.

What are Hybrid-AI models?

These hybrid-AI models combine real-time data with smart-meter data resulting in an AI engine that delivers accurate and comprehensive disaggregation results of energy consumption on household activity level. Enriching standard smart meter data requires only a modest investment to the existing smart-meter infrastructure to manage the operational challenges introduced by a fast uptake of renewables in the energy mix.

In more detail, using the NET2GRID Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) disaggregation service, utilities and DSOs are able to use intraday forecasting services, help consumers to increase the electricity share in the energy-mix and create flexibility in the energy market. The NET2GRID Hybrid realtime and AMR data AI NILM engine delivers the best in class disaggregation results at a fraction of the costs.

For more information and why Hybrid-AI NILM models are important have a look at the pitch from our CEO Bert Lutje Berenbroek:


NET2GRID is one of the leading companies worldwide of real time NILM (non-intrusive load monitoring) services via their Ynni energy insights and utility self-service platform. NET2GRID’s Ynni platform is reducing your cost to serve while increasing customer engagement. Greater energy consumption insights and deeper, more trusting customer relationships translate into upsell activity and reduced churn. It is our solution to engage your customer. The company was founded in 2011 and holds office in The Netherlands and Greece.

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