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Case study: Unlocking new revenue streams for EnergyAustralia

A Real-time customer experience leading to NPS booster


EnergyAustralia wanted to find a way to cost-effectively capture and analyze high-resolution household energy consumption data in real-time so customers could better understand their electricity costs (...)


In 2020, EnergyAustralia decided to integrate NET2GRID’s Ynni software with PowerPal's optical sensor and run a trial with 100 residential customers to validate their customers’ need for insight and actionable control over their energy usage (...)


EnergyAustralia sent out two surveys and gathered feedback from customers focusing on the installation experience, the customer journey, and overall satisfaction. The trial’s results were overwhelmingly positive; 84% of the respondents said (...)

Quote from client

‘’Overall, the outcome of the trial was undoubtedly, successful!’’

Chris Panopoulos, Opportunity Specialist - EnergyAustralia

Download the full case study to read about:

  • The solution in detail

  • The achieved results

  • The app features

  • Detailed feedback from two customer surveys

  • App screenshots

  • Reviews and ratings of the app

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