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Forecast Booster
Reduce energy management risks and wholesale procurement costs.

Improve demand forecasting accuracy based on smart meter data.

Tap into unprecedented accuracy

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Savings per year

per 5GW peak load by increasing

the accuracy from 94% to 98,1%

The business value calculation includes savings from

  • long-term load forecasting

  • short-term load forecasting

  • long-term load & price forecasting


5GW is the peak load of a typical medium-sized utility.

Reduce energy management risk and imbalance costs

Save millions on imbalance costs yearly by reducing your Median Average Percentage Error from 6-10% down to 1.9%.

Proven results when comparing our approach with our customer's forecasts.

Identify the effects of
renewable energy used & produced in your customer base

More accurately identify individual loads and growth trends from solar production, EV, and heat pumps than standard consumption profiles can.

NET2GRID's demand planning algorithms use

Historical data
Local weather data
Smart meter data
Zip codes

Why NET2GRID's Forecast Booster?

NET2GRID's unique bottom-up approach aggregates the individual prosumers
Optimisation of standard demand profile correction factors
Forecasts extrapolated to your whole customer base
Day-ahead, week-ahead, and long-term forecasting
Free white paper

Learn why utilities and grid operators adapt technology

to reduce costs and engage customers.


Download our free white paper and discover:


  • Opportunities of real-time forecasting 

  • Load forecasting technology

  • Forecasting of peaks and “Consumption spikes”

  • Successful business cases


Now is the time to invest in accurate forecasting



We have all the safeguards in place to ensure security and privacy for you and your customers

GDPR compliant

You own your customer data

ISO certified

SAP Silver Partner
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