Electricity load forecasting with unprecedented accuracy

NET2GRID provides utilities and grid operators technology to forecast aggregated energy demand loads with extreme accuracy. Our solution optimizes demand planning and grid management resulting in reduced costs in energy procurement. Customer clustering and targeted marketing result in  engaged end-customers.

The business value calculation includes savings from

  • long-term load forecasting

  • short-term load forecasting

  • long-term load & price forecasting


5GW is the peak load of a typical medium-sized utility.

By increasing load forecasting accuracy from an average of 94.0% to 98.1% we help save millions of dollars annually.


Traditional forecasting models take only historical and weather data into account. NET2GRID's algorithms combine multiple data sources to produce demand and price prediction with the highest accuracy available in the market today. Our algorithms detect and predict solar energy production and EV electricity demand.

Our demand planning algorithms use

Historical data
Local weather data
Smart meter data
Zip codes

Our demand forecasting services


We forecast aggregated Intraday energy demand in real-time for the next hours based on historic 15-minute data samples from near real-time residential consumption data.


We forecast aggregated Day-ahead energy demand based on 15–60 minute residential consumption data.


We forecast aggregated weekly, monthly, and yearly energy demand based on daily residential smart meter consumption data.

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